About this blog

A major goal of biology is to acquire an understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the origin of biodiversity. A major impediment to resolving these issues is the historically fractionated nature of the life sciences – – the lack of an integrated understanding of the ways in which organisms obtain their form during development and the ways in which morphological diversification originates via population-genetic mechanisms.

To overcome these intellectual barriers, in 1999 we initiated an interdisciplinary training program focused on the evolution of development and genomics.  To the best of our knowledge, this is the first institution-wide graduate training program of its kind.  This program has been active for ten years, and is funded by an IGERT training grant from the NSF.

Every Friday afternoon, we gather to discuss peer-reviewed publications on the topic(s) of evolution, development, and genomics.  Here on this blog, we present a summary of those publications, along with our questions, critique, and insights.  Although our journal club has been operating for ten years, this blog is relatively new and pre-2009 conversations are not archived here.

For more information, visit http://evodevo.uoregon.edu/

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