The Evolution of Transcription Factors and DNA Binding Sites

Posted by Victor Hanson-Smith.

For the next ten weeks, our conversation will focus on the evolution of transcription factors and their corresponding DNA binding sites.  A growing body of EvoDevo research shows that cis-regulatory mutations play a significant role in the evolution of morphological, physiological and behavioral phenotypes.  In a 2007 Nature Reviews Genetics article, Greg Wray highlighted twenty such cis-regulatory mutations with interesting phenotypic consequences.  A lot of new research has been published since then, and we want to know: what is the current knowledge on the evolution of transcriptional regulation?

Below is a reading list of (a few) relevant publications.  Over the next ten weeks, we’ll read and discuss the articles on this list.  Do you think we overlooked any papers?  Feel free to post your comments down below.


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